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Another Success Story – Happy Subscriber

I was going to write a nice long blog post celebrating our two month anniversary but its just been too busy around here all day…

So instead, here are some kind words from one of our current subscribers.

I own and operate a small web development business in Australia called Local Web Design – For many years Joomla has been our primary web platform even for sites where the customer does not require a CMS. – One of the biggest issues we have is ensuring all the little details that make a website secure are set up correctly.


The My Joomla Audit tool does a fantastic job of ensuring we have not forgotten anything. A few of our sites had been hacked in the past and finding all the malicious code was a night mare. My Joomla Audit tool found files we had not found and provided the simplest tools to review and replace the damaged files in seconds.


Monitoring and maintaining the latest versions across dozens of sites can be difficult, I can’t wait until your new update facility is working.


This is the best Joomla tool to have – Even If you have just 1 Joomla site you need My Joomla + Akeeba Admin Tools


To date not one of my sites has been hacked or failed due to poor configuration or malicious code that could not be found. Fantastic effort Phil.

Adrian Diehm