Our Features

A suite of tools to secure your site.
We are not "scanning" from the outside, but auditing from within!

In Depth, Under The Hood

The screenshot on the left gives you just some of the existing snapshot results that we return in SECONDS after connecting to your site, this is just part of the full audit which takes longer and produces an indepth report of your sites condition.

Whats more is that I will keep adding more and more to the audit so that you can get a real feeling of the security, reliability and best practice applied to your site - or not - as the case maybe!

It all starts with an audit

It doesn't matter if your Joomla site is hacked, or you are taking over an existing Joomla site created by other developers, you first connect your site using our free connector, and then start your first audit Did I mention your first audit is FREE!).

Instantly get your audit results

I will notify you when the audit is complete, this takes anywhere between 2mins and a few hours depending on your site/server, the results are then instantly available in your audit console.

Start securing your site using the same professional tools I use!

I will fully explain what was audited, how I audited, provide some background information and make recommendations - then give you the tools to implement those instantly without leaving the audit results!

I have been fixing hacked Joomla websites every week for world wide clients for many years - now the same tools I use are at your fingertips!

Nothing to lose - audit your site for free today!

Although I state "I" a lot - the audit is fully automatic and you can conduct them at any time and get instant results - even while I sleep! :-) - Using the tools that I use myself to fix hacked Joomla websites every day!

Out of your depth?

Running your first audit is free, and no payment is needed, however if you still have questions feel free to ask for an near-instant reply!

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