Terms of Service

Important notes on payments and subscriptions - READ ME!

We do not provide refunds. All sales are final. VAT will be added in line with EU Law if you do not provide us with a verifiable EU VAT number for your company - this is the law!

Due to high cross border fees and high levels of fraud we stopped accepting PayPal years ago - you can pay with any major credit card, VISA, MasterCard, American Express direct on our site - we never see your card details and we process them using an API with Stripe.com who are a specialist card processor for developers and services like ours.

Subscriptions can be canceled in your account settings at any time, but your ability to conduct audits will be revoked instantly and not at the end of your current subscribed month, so cancel at the end of your billing period for most use.

We do not provide refunds if your subscription payment is taken, and then a few days after you notice and cancel your account, you must cancel your recurring billing profile BEFORE a payment is taken, not after. Its your responsibility to keep track of your renewal date.

There is no point in moaning if you don't read and agree these terms and then find you cannot audit after cancelling your payments!

You are free to swap and choose either plan at any time by making the appropriate payment, just contact us to make the change.

You are free to swap and choose either plan at any time by making the appropriate payment, just contact us to make the change.

If you subscribe with a one site only subscription, we will allow you to add more than one site, but your subscription will be AUTOMATICALLY changed to an unlimited sites subscription at the current unlimited sites subscription rate.

All charges are in Pounds Sterling (GBP) and your card provider will convert to your currency at time of purchase. GBP19.99 is approx USD$31.95.

PDF Invoices for payments available from your account.

Other payment options available on request for yearly subscriptions only depending on your country.

There is no such thing as a subscription without an active payment method on file - if you delete your last payment method your subscription will terminate! Show us commitment and in turn we invest heavily in the future of the service.

This is a SUBSCRIPTION service, if your payment fails we will contact you and retry a few times (Depending if you use PayPal (Legacy account) or Direct Card Payment), repeated failure to make the payment will result in your account being terminated for non-payment without further notice. We reserve the right to terminate your account, without notice, for abuse, non-payment, or any other reason.

To be 100% explicit - THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A "one month subscription". YOU WILL BE CHARGED EACH AND EVERY MONTH OF YOUR RECURRING MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION - WE DO NOT PROVIDE A ONE-OFF, OR ONE-MONTH-ONY SUBSCRIPTION. If we take our payment, and then you moan that you thought you bought a "one month only" subscription, you will not be tolerated. EVERYTHING about this page SCREAMS that myJoomla.com is a RECURRING SUBSCRIPTION service.

Contact us with any questions you may have BEFORE subscribing.

Previous Revisions of our terms can be tracked by revision.

Out of your depth?

Running your first audit is free, and no payment is needed, however if you still have questions feel free to ask for an near-instant reply!

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