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More happy myJoomla subscribers

Sorry for the lack of posts recently – I’ve been very busy fixing hacked websites (mainly through sites running Joomla extensions from 2009!) but I was directed to this post yesterday, and with her kind permission I’m reposting here:


Thankfully I have not had to use myjoomla.com on a site that was hacked.   My first test run was on a site where the entire database just went missing.   We restored it, but I wanted to be sure this was just the odd host error, and not the result of some hack or malware.  The scan gave a clean bill of health, except for about a dozen recommenations for how to make things more secure.  Now I’ve subscribed to put all of my Joomla sites (around 20)  through an annual checkup.   Your security recommendations coupled with tools to fix or delete the files are much appreciated.

Barb Ackemaann from irislines.com


Thanks so much to you and Matt for recommending myjoomla.com. I have a client whose 1.5 site was hacked recently, so I migrated it to 2.5 and then removed any malicious bits and pieces that I could find. But I just ran a free audit through MyJoomla and found a bunch of malicious code that I had missed, plus some security settings that had room for improvement.
I was really impressed with the thoroughness of the audit, and how simple it was to make the recommended fixes. It sounds like their paid plans start at only a few bucks per audit, and I would happily pay that to be able to easily rescue a client from hackers.

Anne Campbell