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My Joomla Site was hacked – and easily fixed!

We love to hear from customers that have benefited from our services, and today we heard from Will about how he used audit.myjoomla.com to fix a hacked Joomla website.

Here are his comments in his own words:

During a routine site inspection I do for my many clients, I noticed one site in particular was displaying incorrectly. I probed into the root directory of my Joomla 1.5.26 site, and noticed indeed that there were files that had malicious code injected into them. Seeing that ALL of my JavaScript files had been infected, I turned to the person/business I have come to trust over the years, The Joomla Expert – Phil Taylor.


Simultaneously, I discovered that Phil had a new service being offered that would automatically audit and report any suspicious activity or hacks on my sites. I ran it (using my first FREE Audit!) on the site I have previously mentioned, and was presented with a thorough read out of what went wrong. I immediately fixed things with the new Audit Tool for Joomla, and the site is back up and running with any security hole patched.


Thank you Phil! You should earn a star on the Hollywood Boulevard of Joomla Security!


What a great service you offer – and the first audit was FREE!


Will Keyworth