Just some thoughts from Phil.

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So we are live, now whats next?

An amazing first few days with now well over 700 Joomla Audits of hacked sites and non hacked Joomla sites! I’m blown away by some of the kind words

However the last few days have not been all plain sailing, although we did not have any major scalability issues in our cloud, we did have one problem server in the cluster that needed kicking. Also thanks to our great customers we now have some fringe cases to handle (like the customer with 241,423 cache files in ONE folder for a site with 300 articles on it!) so we now need to recode parts of the connector in order to support these fringe cases.

So here is the priority list for the next week:

  • Stabilise the Auditor as much as possible, taking into account different server configurations not seen before and handle exceptions with grace and helpful error messages
  • Ensure that the demand on the platform is automatically met by the automatic cloud scaling
  • Start work on improving the speed of the current auditor
  • Start releasing the new tools/checks that are marked Coming Soon on the Audit results page.
  • Documentation as we go for the website – including explanations on the technical process as well as things like our “Do no evil”  privacy policy, Terms and Conditions, VAT on payments, and blog posts on where your audit data is stored, and how
  • anything else that pops up….

I want to say a huge thank you to those that have already subscribed – without your commitment to our success we would not have the funding for the next steps – so thanks!

WE ARE taking requests! We are open to feedback  – anyone that gives helpful feedback, that can be actioned, will get £5.00 off their monthly subscription! Just ask!

So the future is great – we are here for the long run…. No cartoon mascots or gimmicks  just pure tools and features that you will love to use to audit and security your Joomla Website from Hackers and changes.

Phil Taylor