Just some thoughts from Phil.

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Our one month anniversary – a big thank you!

Well its been an amazing first month! Here are some figures.

  • Just under 3000 audits run in one month!
  • …. thats approx 96 audits per day!
  • 22.9% of sites audited are running out-of-date Joomla versions
  • 42% (we believe) of audited sites had at least one hacker backdoor file
  • 66% (we believe) of audited sites were hacked in some way
  • We have audited 106599125 files and 56711278 folders!
  • We have deployed new code to the app over 124 times!
    Continuous development & deployment!

The feedback has been amazing! and we have added features this month that we had never even dreamed about without your feedback.

I have so much more planned for the next month, including a few days off 🙂

The free audit will soon be disappearing from our site, to be replaced with a cheap first audit before subscribing.  Subscribers already have access to automatic Update Checking and all subscribers will get priority access to all new features released… 

We have released our cheapest subscription at only £5.00 per month for a single site – thats the price of two coffee’s 🙂 and by request you can also pay yearly upfront for a 2 month discount. See the subscription options page for all the details.

During December I will be rolling out yet more features, some we have not announced yet – so be sure to keep a close eye on our blog and in your account.

Thanks for coming along with me on my journey. If i can make this service pay its own bills – 2013 is going to be an amazing year!

Phil Taylor

Another happy and joomla hacked customer from Canada

I love hearing from customers! Here is a short email from James in Canada, who has fallen in love with our services!

I have been working with Joomla since it first came out back in 2005. I have loved it since day one and have continued to use it and convert all my sites to it.


One thing I have hated about this business is the hackers. In the beginning days of Joomla I was learning constantly. Security has always been important to me and from time to time would get hacked. They created many hours of wasted time fixing these sites.


Over the years hackers have become more than a headache at the amount of times they tried to hack various client sites. They don”