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  • Live Information In One Place

    Login to your dashboard on our site and instantly see all your Joomla sites, their versions, their issues, problems and things that need fixing right away. Run backups, updates, audits and monitor all your sites in one place

  • Hacked? It happens. Fix it quick.

    Our tools are Joomla-specific and allow you to identify and fix hacked Joomla sites within moments - just audit, and follow the advice given. Our platform has fixed thousands of hacked Joomla sites over the years and makes fixing hacked Joomla sites a breeze

  • Become the Joomla hero in your company

    Our tools will make you look good! Using all our years of Joomla expertise, learning from all our techniques, applying the very latest best practice for your Joomla sites by following our indepth guides - you will look like a Joomla rock star in your organisation!

  • Learn best practice and create a great site

    Each of our checks is well documented and guide you to learn the best practices to apply to all your sites. This is years of experience with Joomla that Phil is giving away as part of the tools - learn best practice, and build some awesome {secure} Joomla sites!

A quadruple award winning service!

  • Winner at the J.O.S.C.A.Rs 2017

    After a one year break we won again!
    Joomla Services category at the 2017 J and Beyond Event

  • Winner at the J.O.S.C.A.Rs 2015

    We won again! 3 years in a row!
    Joomla Services category at the 2015 J and Beyond Event

  • Winner at the J.O.S.C.A.Rs 2014

    After being shortlisted in the Joomla services category at the 2013 event, we finally won the Joomla Services category at the 2014 J and Beyond Event

  • Winner at the J.O.S.C.A.Rs 2013

    Our tools won the Joomla Innovation of the Year award at the international J and Beyond conference in 2013 and was even shortlisted for the 'Joomla Services' category as well

Over 1,146,791 audits of 50,693 unique sites, active right now, use our tools for Joomla!

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  • { Secure }

    We teach you best practice to secure your site by providing a indepth audit, taken from within your site, highlighting hacks and backdoors to fix with our tools

  • { Manage }

    Take control of all your sites in one place, upgrade, audit, backup and much more. We provide a set of unique tools to make the job very simple and easy - for all your sites

  • { Backup }

    Never be caught without a backup! We make the backup process totally automated, built on proven Akeeba technology, we can backup your site daily, weekly or monthly even offsite

  • { Monitor }

    Set up an unlimited number of monitors (near-realtime and every 5 mins) to check your site is online and working well, and that important files have not been modified or changed

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